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WiFi Analytics

Today's Public and Guest WiFi does so much more than provide connectivity. It has become an increasingly important source of business intelligence. Briteyellow's WiFi analytics engine gives you a powerful dashboard for deeper insights into customer behavior and support for decision making.


Analytics Dashboard

Briteyellow's WiFi analytics systems provide a deeper insight and understanding of customer behaviour in retail venues. Build a comprehensive picture of how users move around. It provides comprehensive WiFi usage reports including:

  • Footfall Count
  • Dwell Time
  • WiFi movement / location tracking
  • Threshold Information
  • Conversion Rates
  • Heat Maps
  • Custom reports


Cloud Solution

Accessible and Scalable

Briteyellow's analytics solutions are hosted in the cloud and hosted by the worlds biggest cloud service providers. It means you can access it from anywhere and you have assurance of its scalability and redundancy.


For more information about our WiFi Analytics service, please call +44 (0)845 5570520 or fill in the form below and we will be in touch.


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