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Explaining Briteyellow's case in Asia

Software as a service (SaaS) pedestrian navigation solution

Briteyellow will be explaining its software as a service (SaaS) pedestrian navigation solutions to Asian technology and business leaders at a key conference.

CommunicAsia2017 will be held at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore from May 23 to 25 and will feature a showcase of trending technologies.

Fredi Nonyelu, the founder and chief executive of UK-based Briteyellow, said: “Smart Cities are moving from concept to reality at an accelerating pace.

“Asia is one of the world’s hubs for forward thinking on IoT and Smart Cities. The scale of conurbations in India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Thailand, make it an ideal place for technology and city leaders to solve issues such as traffic and pollution, water use, energy use and moving people around efficiently and quickly.

“Briteyellow’s indoor pedestrian mobility solution offers the owners of large venues, such as airports, shopping centres, museums, public buildings a perfect fit in the smart city landscape.”

The company’s patent-pending BriteLocate3D platform gives end-users an “indoor GPS” to help them navigate easily around by using their smart phones. Facility managers can also access a vast amount of background information to help their customers move around easily. Marketers can also deliver relevant content, direct to customers via their smart phones.

More than 31,000 delegates are expected to attend CommunicAsia2017 and Briteyellow is excited about the opportunity to put its case.

Fredi added: “Briteyellow’s message was well received in India recently and I suspect very strongly that we will receive the same reception in Singapore. I am excited about the prospect of introducing BriteLocate3D to another highly receptive audience.

“I will be explaining how BriteLocate3D’s offer is highly logical for business and community leaders who are looking for connected solutions for their customers and residents.”

For more information on CommunicAsia visit: http://www.communicasia.com/

For more information about BriteLocate3D visit: https://www.briteyellow.com/IndoorLocationApps.htm

To contact Briteyellow visit: https://www.briteyellow.com/aboutContact.htm


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