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Obama's boost for VR

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One of President Obama’s final actions in the White House gave the burgeoning Virtual Reality industry a tremendous boost.

In collaboration with Oculus and Felix & Paul Studios, the President and First Lady used VR to bring the history of the White House directly to an online audience.

The People’s House was narrated by the President and offered an intimate, 360-degree exploration of rooms in the White House residence and the West Wing.

It was a first-ever virtual reality experience with the President and First Lady in the White House. It took viewers through rooms in the White House like the Old Family Dining Room, as well as places that many Americans have never seen before: the Oval Office, the Situation Room, the Rose Garden, and the Treaty Room (the President’s private office).

Fredi Nonyelu, the founder and chief executive of Briteyellow, said: “In our previous blog, we argued that 2017 was going to be the year that virtual reality and augmented reality break out from the realm of the geek and the technology savvy into the mainstream.

“President Obama’s use of virtual reality to show people around the White House helps to spread the word about this amazingly useful technology and also unwittingly makes the case for Briteyellow, too!”

Our BriteLocate3D product powers indoor location applications for smart city planners, and operators of high footfall venues such as shopping centres, airports, train stations, hospitals, exhibitions, museums etc. It evolved from our background of providing managed Wi-Fi and analytics solutions for smart city, retail, and property landlords.

Fredi added: “Our “3D indoor GPS” technology helps people navigate around large venues like museums, shopping malls, airports and other places where GPS does not work accurately.

“Being a large venue and referred to as a museum of American history, the use of virtual reality in this context makes our case. Thank you Mr President!”

BriteLocate3D uses 3D virtual and augmented reality on a smartphone to guide people to discover indoor places and things. This saves time as the user gets around more efficiently, reduces stress, increases productivity, and enhances their experience of the venue.

As well as being extremely useful to end users BriteLocate3D gives building managers better 3D information about usage of venues, and is also a great way for users to collect loyalty rewards and incentives.

Fredi concluded: “As President Obama leaves office and we witness the inauguration and commencement of Mr Trump’s term of office, we look forward to an exciting future… and perhaps even a VR tour of Trump Tower!”


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