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Briteyellow selected as Wireless Internet Solutions Company of the Month

3D Cloud Indoor Location and Analytics managed service

This is the feature that appeared in a recent edition of Business and Industry Today where Briteyellow was presented as the publication's selected Wireless Internet Solutions Company of the Month.

Briteyellow, the highly regarded interactive and wireless software and service provider, has introduced a new revolution for internet shoppers – BriteLocate3D. Using advanced technology and innovation, the system is a smart mobility app which allows pedestrians to view a 3D version of their local shopping centre, viewing window displays, purchasing goods and viewing the latest deals.

The intelligent application provides a complete 3D Cloud Indoor Location and Analytics managed service. Using a smart phone device, customers are able to navigate around a venue with virtual reality and augmented reality. The application then creates a profile for the customer, logging their interests and style and can update users on offers and new stock in their favourite shops or restaurants, as and when they occur.

As well as offering many benefits for shoppers and visitors, BriteLocate3D uses real time location tracking, analytics and reporting which allows venues and individuals to track and increase footfall into their venue. Organisations can see what customers are looking at and what is most popular even when they are not in store, meaning they can build a profile of their most regular customers. From there they are able to engage with customers, appealing to their needs and interests, which increases sales and visits to the store both in person and interactively.

As well as shopping centres, this innovative technology can be used in any venue where there is high footfall including airports, department stores, stadiums, and visitor attractions as well as emergency and security services.

“72% of shoppers look for what they want to buy online before even entering a shop,” commented Founder and Chief Executive of Briteyellow, Fredi Nonyelu. “This is also true for those looking to visit a venue or attraction as they will look up the place and its surrounding area before making a decision.

“The amount of customers using internet shopping as an alternative has increased significantly over the past few years, and we see this application as the natural progression. It offers a new and beautiful way of shopping or browsing where customers can view a detailed 3D version of their favourite places, see displays for inspiration and even purchase items for delivery or click and collect. Venues benefit highly from being able to see who is actually visiting their venue and what they are looking at or buying. It may also help them to establish why people are not visiting and how they could improve.

“Our aim is to roll out this advanced application to as many venues as possible, providing a virtual guide to world indoor spaces.”

BriteLocate3D is the brain child of entrepreneur Fredi, along with his highly experienced team, who established the company back in 2002. Having always dreamed of starting his own business Fredi saw a fantastic opportunity in the wireless industry and set up Briteyellow to produce large scale Wi-Fi networks using advanced innovation and technology.

Over the years the company grew substantially and today provides 3D positioning and navigation systems for way-finding and discovery, and cloud managed Wi-Fi and analytics for high footfall venues. With a focus on wireless innovation, Briteyellow is engaged in bringing Wi-Fi and sensor applications for Indoor Location and Internet of Things solutions to market.

A long term commitment to Research and Development and a passion for collaborative leadership has led Briteyellow to becoming a trusted partner for Smart City applications. Their wireless solutions are deployed at several UK town centres and shopping centres including London, Poole, and Milton Keynes.


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