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Bluetooth Beacons have 'massive potential'

Bluetooth beacons wayfinding

Bluetooth Beacons have massive potential across not only the retail space but in the smarter work processes, too, InfoWorld executive editor Galen Gruman reported in a recent article.

The beacons transmit unique IDs to smartphones. An app, like Briteyellow's BriteLocate3D can look up the ID over the internet and determine the beacon’s location. Relevant information can be provided to the location.

It’s a very powerful potential tool in marketing, allowing messages to be targeted to individuals in the locality who express an interest in a particular subject.

Galen Gruman’s article says beacons could help workplaces become smarter.

Think about a smartphone linking to a lift and managing which floors a person can access. Beacons could also detect who is in a room, replace the need for time sheets and to turn on lights and temperature controls.

Galen also touches on wayfinding, which is close to our hearts here at Briteyellow, because our BriteLocate3D app is patent pending 3D cloud indoor positioning technology which provides class leading location accuracy indoors.

To read the article, visit the website here: http://www.infoworld.com/article/3109266/mobile-technology/beacons-take-baby-steps-into-businesses.html


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