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Latent demand for new 3D cloud indoor positioning technology

Smartphone app for way-finding

Briteyellow's recent research at a major UK regional shopping centre has revealed a latent demand for its new 3D cloud indoor positioning technology.

BriteLocate3D is Briteyellow’s patent pending technology, which provides class leading location accuracy indoors for high football venues such as airports, shopping malls, department stores, stadiums, and visitor attractions.

Earlier this year, residents, visitors, tourists and business people at thecentre:mk in Milton Keynes were given the BriteLocate3D app on their smartphones and asked their responses.

One of the questions asked was “how likely or unlikely are you to use the app for way-finding?” They were asked to grade their answers from one, the most unlikely to use BriteLocate3D and the mark of 10 the most likely.

Fredi Nonyelu, chief executive of Briteyellow, said he is heartened by the results.

“More than one quarter of respondents gave BriteLocate3D the highest “10” rating,” he said. “Looking deeper into the results, we found that 75.4% gave a score of 7 or higher. No respondents gave a score of 4 or less.

“The results further validate our development of this innovative technology as it shows there is a clear demand for it from the end-users of shopping malls.”

The survey interviewed people in age groups from the under 18s to the 50-65 bracket. They included residents, visitors, tourists and businesspeople.

Individuals were also asked to give their reactions and here are just a few:

  • “Better than the signs” – (Tourist, 18-35)
  • “Might be better than Google and the picture is brilliant” – (Resident, 18-35)
  • “I think it’s a nice product. It is better than the map” - (tourist/visitor, 35-50)


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