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Update for BriteLocate3D cloud indoor positioning platform

Class leading location accuracy indoors

Wireless innovation specialist Briteyellow has updated its powerful 3D cloud indoor positioning platform, called BriteLocate3D, on iOS, Windows and Android.

BriteLocate3D provides class leading location accuracy indoors and offers the operators of high footfall venues such as airports, shopping malls, department stores, stadiums, and visitor attractions clear solutions to customer service and tracking challenges.

“The new release is a hugely significant moment in the history of BriteLocate3D and for our customers in the facilities management industry,” said Fredi Nonyelu, the chief executive of Briteyellow.

“The platform can be used on tablets, iPads, iPhones and Windows and Android smartphones. There is also an improved user interface and much smoother controls. It is much easier to navigate.”

The platform, which uses WiFi and sensors, works when a 3D map is created with data provided by facilities managers.

Operators of large, complex venues know only too well that there is a need to help customers navigate around. 2D maps pinned to information stands and boards just do not work in a 3D world. BriteLocate3D translates 2D information into high resolution 3D virtual reality and augmented reality displays on smartphones.

Fredi added: “For venues looking to answer the question: How do I help my customers find their way around?, BriteLocate3D is the perfect solution. People work in a 3D world and are used to using their smartphones to navigate outdoors. What our technology does is help them find their way around indoors, too.”

Venue managers looking to visualise individual movements of key human resources – such as those of security or cleaning staff ­- will find that BriteLocate3D is of great benefit, too.

The technology can also be used to create heat maps and perform analytics with a powerful 3D cloud dashboard.

“Another very important use of our white label 3D indoor venue app is by the emergency and security services,” said Fredi.

Briteyellow, which provides a complete 3D cloud indoor location and analytics managed service, partners with ISPs, content and marketing services providers worldwide.

Customers looking for branded 3D indoor location services can rest assured that Briteyellow will produce their 3D venue map with the BriteLocate3D app and produce real-time location tracking, analytics and reporting for venues and individuals.


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