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BriteLocate3D to launch at Digital Catapult Internet of Things showcase

Briteyellow is delighted to be showcasing at the Digital Catapult Internet of Things showcase event. Guests attending the event will be amongst the first to see a live demo of Briteyellow’s 3D indoor positioning and navigation system - a step forward in the evolution of 3D virtual reality for way-finding and discovery.

BriteLocate3D is a smartphone application that uses high-resolution virtual reality on a smartphone to navigate users to their indoor destination. Visitors to the Digital Catapult will be able to download the app and use its “navigation” mode to find interesting exhibits or discover augmented reality information about the venue. It can also be used in “free” mode for a virtual reality tour of the building before arrival.

Briteyellow carried out a high precision 3D scan of Digital Catapult to create the demo app. The digitised model was mapped onto Briteyellow’s multi-wireless positioning engine to produce an interactive 3D model of the venue. Location accuracy is expected to bring a guest to within a metre of an intended display showcase.

Try it out

  • Simply go to the app store for your phone operating system.
  • Search for BriteLocate3D and select Install.
  • Once the app is installed sign in with your existing social media account or Briteyellow account if you have one. Otherwise you can create a new account.
  • Once you are signed in a 3D map of the Digital Catapult will load and you can begin to interact with the virtual model.
  • Start by exploring the Digital Catapult 3D showcase map in Free mode, or Navigate to any exhibit you want and discover more of what they offer. You may receive alerts and notifications based on your location.


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