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St Modwens Plc, owners of Cranfield Technology Park required a wireless Internet backbone to provide the high performance, availability, security, and flexibility needed to offer robust business broadband internet services to tenants of multi-occupancy property units. The system was required to provide carrier class availability with minimum downtime. After extensive investigation Briteyellow was selected to fulfil all the criteria.

Briteyellow implemented a high performance wireless backbone at Cranfield Technology Park. Tenants of multi-occupancy properties on the technology park campus are offered broadband internet speeds of up to 20 Mbps. One key feature of the system is the use of a dual network server system that offers two linked Wi-Fi domains. This provides fault-tolerance and redundancy if any one network circuit fails. Also within each domain the multi-radio mesh architecture uses dynamic self-healing topology which means that in the event of any radio failure the user is automatically reconnected to an adjacent node so no downtime is experienced. The successful implementation of multi-radio wireless mesh nodes linked to a 100 Mbps ISP backbone provides managed broadband connectivity for each individual tenant.

According to Cranfield Technology Park Manager Val Kidd, “Briteyellow gave us exactly what we required. The system integrated seamlessly with our existing broadband billing system and allows us to manage access to all tenants from one interface. On top of the 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard the Wi-Fi signal SSID is also invisible except to tenants we have provided with access keys. It offers our tenants the high data throughput they wanted. As a Landlord it gives us a simple interface for easy operational management”.



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