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Indoor location software market forecast to grow

Indoor location

A new report estimates that the indoor location software market could achieve growth of +42% by 2022.

The report on Global Indoor Location Software market, from IT Intelligence Markets, is a complete overview and was released on April 19, 2018.

The projected growth comes as little surprise to Briteyellow, which uses technology built on our multi-wireless indoor positioning and navigation engine.

Fredi Nonyelu, Briteyellow's chief executive, said: "There are so many potential uses for our BriteLocate platform in indoor scenarios that we can see huge growth in this market."

The technology involves placing BriteLocate IOT sensors inside any large indoor space, from airports, to hospitals, shopping centres, large museums, and large workplaces.

The sensors use patent-pending methods to identify BriteLocate Bluetooth tags and locate them in 3 dimensions.

The tags can be placed on a wide range of "assets", including enabled mobile phones, pets, children, cleaning equipment, etc.

Fredi added: "The potential uses are enormous, and not simply from identifying where an individual asset is located in 3 dimensions. The background data is tremendously useful too, for facility and asset managers, who can use Briteyellow's powerful analytics to better manage their facilities.

"Once we reach a tipping point in understanding, I believe indoor location will absolutely huge in scope and scale."

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