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Platform one at Briteyellow Central railway station

Smart phone app

News headlines such as "Rush hour descends into chaos and 'dangerous overcrowding'" and "MP demands action on terrible overcrowding at stations" are the stuff of nightmares for facility managers and train companies alike.

From public safety point of view, and thereby reputation, passenger behaviour and people movement are critical issues at times when those facilities could be approaching their limits of their capacity.

With hundreds of millions of people moving through the world's busiest railway stations every year, the challenge for train operators is to measure passenger behaviour so they can optimise services.

However, without an indoor location or internet of things capability they face a major challenge to create real time data. Without real time data, the planning and organisation of responses risks being a "stab in the dark".

People and assets can be in the wrong places, or even in different places.

So, let's imagine a different reality.

Imagine a place called Briteyellow Central. It is a very busy railway station, with BriteLocate IOT sensors on each of the station's indoor platforms and inside train carriages.

On the platforms, passengers are counted and tracked. In carriages, BriteLocate IoT tags track the occupancy of every single seat.

The indoor location data is displayed in real time in a display console in the station manager's office.

On the display, the manager can see a heat map, and knows where passengers are gathering or moving through the space. When a new hot spot emerges on the heat map in real time she sends a member of the station staff to investigate.

The hot spot turns out to be a large group of people, congregating and blocking the flow of other passengers. The member of staff then takes action to move people on. The resulting flow of people is confirmed, in real time, on the facility manager's display.

Meanwhile, passengers with the latest Briteyellow Central Station Application on their smart phones are able to find information on their location of the train, within the indoor environment, and are guided to the correct platform with the use of the photorealistic display.

Not only that, but because of the tags installed on the train itself, and the display seen on the smart phone, the passenger is able to locate an empty seat and settles in for their journey.

As the train pulls away on time, the last action the passenger takes while in Briteyellow Central is to record a nine out of ten score on the app.

The only reason they didn't give a ten was because the weather outside is dreadful.

And there's little we can do about that. Yet.

> For more information on BriteLocate go HERE.


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