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Improving business costs

indoor wayfinding

A huge amount of data can be obtained from indoor spaces, and it can be used to improve business costs in real estate.

Understanding how people navigate their way through indoor spaces, and the problems they have in doing so, is hugely valuable to any facility manager.

Take pedestrian flow through a large shopping centre as an example. Real time data displayed on a platform by way of heat maps can show how people are not moving through to a part of that centre. There may be a restriction to that flow, or that it is not obvious how customers can reach the outlets.

Clearing blockages and maybe improving signage, may lead to an increased number of visits to those units, improved sales. Improved sales mean happy retailers and happy retailers make for happy facilities managers.

We could give other examples on how data can assist in the location of assets and people. However, our point has been made. Data is power. Power for businesses to improve their services to respond to what customers need.

By improving and prolonging their all-important dwell time, facility managers can hone their ability to increase revenue.

Briteyellow is a “smart places” software and technology company that help marketing and operation managers or planners, who need better wayfinding or movement tracking in GPS-denied places, or greater insight into people behaviour and asset usage, better performance, productivity, user experience, engagement, and interaction.

Briteyellow’s core technology is our BriteLocate 3D Indoor Location software and Internet of Things (IoT) platform. It is used to create indoor positioning, navigation and tracking applications in GPS-denied places.

By increasing location accuracy in GPS denied places we will give better wayfinding or movement tracking in GPS-denied places and greater insight into people behaviour and asset usage for marketing and operational planning.


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