3D Indoor Positioning

BriteLocate3D Technology

BriteLocate3D is Briteyellow's patent pending 3D cloud indoor positioning technology which provides class leading location accuracy indoors.

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Virtual Reality Navigation 


Enable your customers to navigate around your venue with virtual reality and augmented reality using their smartphone with our high resolution BriteLocate3D application.

3D Location Tracking

3D Cloud Dashboard

Visualise individual movement such as security staff or create heat maps and perform analytics with our powerful 3D cloud dashboard.

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Customer Applications 


High footfall venues such as airports, shopping malls, department stores, stadiums, and visitor attractions are among the many client applications for BriteLocate3D indoor location applications as well as emergency and security services.

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Partner Services

White Label

Briteyellow provides BriteLocate3D as a white label 3D indoor venue app for any location. We partner with ISPs, content and marketing services providers to provide branded 3D indoor location services worldwide.

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Managed Service

Indoor Location and Analytics

Briteyellow provides a complete 3D Cloud Indoor Location and Analytics managed service.  We produce your 3d venue map with our BriteLocate3D app and produce real-time location tracking, analytics and reporting for venues and indiduals.

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